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Geo Brawn IV

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

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A prophecy becomes known, one that not only links these lovers but tells of the end of their cosmic sentence. Now, if they meet in this lifetime, the balance will be altered and cause the end of all existence. As the Archangel Gabriel stated, “The balance will be shifted and with it falls darkness…Heaven, Hell, and the Earth; all shall be as it had never been.” Upon learning this, the immortal Adam wishes nothing more than to find his eternal love, Eve, and in a final act against his creator, “The Omnipotent One, El,” to wipe out all of creation. Now, Gabriel, and the fallen “Light of God”, Lucifiel, must join forces in hopes of stopping “The Reckoning.” It’s a race against time for good and evil to stop the end of their opposing worlds. Can “The Rapture” be stopped in time or is it already too late to stop The Blood of Eden?

In Eden, there was a betrayal, and with it came a curse upon two lovers. One made to never die, and the other destined to die over and over again. Their union created our world. And now, one thousand lifetimes later, it could destroy it.

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