The Adventures Of Wally Fresh Collected


Wally Fresch, a young layabout living in Brooklyn, has hit a rough patch recently. After the current economic fallout left Wally out of work, he has been struggling to pay his rent and get his life back in order. As a result, he has taken on a new roommate, Barry (a spirit animal from the spirit World). Together with their next-door neighbor with a deadly past, Valerie, the three now get into just about any trouble they can find.

Turner Lange

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 230

What It's About

New York City Subway trains are literally disappearing off the tracks, and no one knows who or what is behind it. Meanwhile, on the three month anniversary of his new romance with a bright young engineer Beth, Wally finds his budding new relationship in danger of withering. To help his case and prove himself worthy of her love Wally and co. decide to untangle, and solve the mystery of the disappearing subway trains. Mythological creatures, Alien bounty hunters, and immortal gentleman suitors all seek to up end Wally’s new romance, *Whew* its gonna be a long night!

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