The Adventures Of Wally Fresh #8


After narrowly escaping a group of Intergalactic Bounty Hunters Wally meets one of Barry’s oldest friends Mr. Magnificent (A shipwrecked Alien Phoenix) living in the Tunnels of New York. Meanwhile Wally’s date Beth is Saved by Antonis ( one of Magnificent’s Guardians) and sparks fly as Beth and Antonis share a mutual love for science.

Turner Lange

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 36

What It's About

Wally Fresh is a young layabout living in Brooklyn, after the Great Recession of 2008 left him struggling to pay rent. Wally was forced to take on a new roommate in the form of Barry a Magical Beaver spirit animal from the spirit world. Now, together with their neighbor Valerie they get into just about any kind of trouble they can find.

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