The Adventures Of Wally Fresh #7


Currently, Wally, Valerie, Barry, and Beth (Wally’s Date) have decided to investigate the disappearance of local New York Subway trains (against Wally’s wishes) after finding their way to an underground cavern of lost trains, the quartet is chased by a squad of robots. Wally, Barry, and Valerie manage to evade capture, however, in the heat of the action, Beth is taken prisoner. When Wally attempts to rescue he takes a literal leap of faith and find’s that he comes up slightly short.

Turner Lange

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 36

What It's About

Wally Fresch A young layabout living in Brooklyn has hit a rough patch recently. After the current economic fallout left him out of work, he has been struggling to pay his rent. As a result he has taken on a new roommate in the form of Barry (a spirit animal from the spirit World) Together with their Neighbor Valerie the three now get into just about any trouble they can find.

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