The Adventures Of Teague


Retail Specialist Volume One

A family secret will soon turn Teague’s world upside down and reveal a different side to the abrasive and frustrated retail clerk.

Rodney Traynham, Kev Lyerly

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 162

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What It's About

This is the story of Teague, a young man who hates his job as an Electronics associate at Freedom Mart. He has a low tolerance for people and isn’t afraid to show his frustrations through insults, deception, and being forthright in his opinions and stating facts. His mother, Virginia, can keep him in line at times, but can also be quite agitated with her son’s defiant attitude. His attitude can also be in conflict at times with his boss, Mr. Patterson, and puts him in dire situations at the workplace.

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