Terrorklowns #1


Jarrod L. Dodson, Ivica Sretenovic

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Format Clear
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The World Famous Magician; Jake Masters, returns to his hometown of Williamsport, PA to put one last great magic show. That night he unknowingly unleashes a new kind of hell……on earth.

On the night of his last magician show, the world famous magician Jake Masters unknowingly releases a horror of the likes that no one has seen before. This will be the last thing they ever see. All Jake wanted was to have his last show in his hometown before his retirement. Jake wanted to be closer to his family instead of being away and on the road for the last 15 years. He wanted to gain the respect back from his father, which he had lost ages ago. But not on this unholy night, for there is something much darker in store for Jake Masters. This night as Jake reads out loud the last page of old spell book, an ancient evil that’s been waiting for many years is released. The age of twisted chaos begins when an explosion erupts at the Karnival just after this horrid menace was brought forth to our world. Jake awakens two years later to find his world changed forever. Now Jake Masters must stay alive in the town of ruins, as he learns that his family has survived this strange and deadly world. He then vows to find them at all cost. With the help of new found friends and a power of which he comes to harness, Jake bands together with these Klowning survivors as he sets out to right his wrong. Jake must destroy what he has created and face his own destiny. During this epic journey Jake Masters endues a lot of pain and heartache as lives are taken, bonds are broken, battles are fought and friendships are tested. These survivors all bare witness to unimaginable terror and the surreal for which these creatures unveil, but above all, they must stand together and fight against this madness.

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