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Tall Tales From The Badlands #1

Sean and Seamus Fahey, Lisandro Estherren, Jose Holder, J.C. Grande, Juan Romera,Borja “Borch” Pena

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 52

“A Thousand Deaths.” An aging gunslinger struggles with his fear of the inevitable.

“Thicker Than Water.” After turning his partner in to the Pinkertons, in order to save his brother”s life, a remorseful bank robber pays a visit to the man he betrayed and learns the true meaning of family.

“Abigail.” Isolated and alone after her husband joins a posse to capture a band of murderers, an unusually resourceful frontier woman taps into her most base maternal instincts in order to protect her children from a brutal home invasion.

“The Runt.” A scrappy, weathered old dog gives new meaning to the phrase “Man”s Best Friend,” when he is left to defend his fallen master from a series of blood thirsty scavengers.

“Easy Livin”.” written by Sean Fahey, art by Borja “Borch” Pena. A good natured slice of frontier life piece honoring the adventurous spirit and tireless work ethic of the trappers and mountain men that succeeded in opening up the American West, in the face of endless challenges and constant hardship.



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