Tales Of Scarcity Vol 2


The land of Scarcity, in need of a creature of the earth to protect its portals to the spirit world, the earth has chosen two human warriors to cleanse itself. The Snowman and the Scarecrow begin their journey.

Daniel Vera, Ruben Vera

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 72

What It's About

A few years after a war that was decided upon by .0002 percent of the population, half the people of the world try to survive its repercussions. radiation, chemical poisoning, lack of natural resources, hate, anger, and oppression run unbound across the globe. This is a world that mirrors our own world. This is a city that mirrors every city…Scarcity. Scarcity: The demand and need of something that there is not enough of. A scarcity of love, of hope, of goodness, of faith…of all things that are light. This is where these characters dwell. Absorbed by their own stories, guilt, shame, heroics, power, fame or vanity; they live these extraordinary events only to lead to the inevitable..the end/the beginning.

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