Tales Of Power # 1


Oath and Apex team-up to battle Thoom and Atomic! What are the villains after? And why? Can even the combined might of our heroes hope to thwart their vile plans? Guest starring Bluejaye and Green Zap!  

Paul Beel, Carlo Garde, Katja Louhio, Josh Shelton, Gabriel Dill Sr.

Standard Comic:
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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Guest-starring Bluejaye, Scripture, and Green Zap! What are Atomic and Thoom after? And why? Will Apex and Oath discover their plans in time? If they do, can even the combined might of our heroes stop them? Where and how does the Khemica Corporation fit into all of this? Tales of Power is an action-packed team-up book that will introduce the many heroes and villains in the Aspyre Comics universe!

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