Tales Of Battle #5


Ben Burns, Matt Birdoff, Eric Langford

Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

This bi-monthly magazine covers the Warhammer Grand Tournament Scene bringing you fantastic GT armies, tactics, painting & modeling guides, and at least one blow by blow battle report complete with graphics of the championship game of the GT we are covering. As well as much, much more.

Tales of Battle Issue #5 covers the Alamo Warhammer Grand Tournament. This exciting edition features the table one battle between an all Cavalry Warriors of Chaos army verse a full Khorne Daemon army. An in depth look at Ed Phillips gorgeous Strogoi Vampire Counts army. As well as a review of the new Skaven book, an original Skaven fiction story, a tactics article, a follow up to the Dwarf Entrenchment article, and even more, don’t miss it.

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