Swords & Sorceresses


Cartoon Curvy Art Book

Steve Coffin

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 40


What It's About

From the inside cover of the book: This Art Book first developed out of the character design phase for Lutu Warrior of the North. I had all these illustrations, with a common theme, and I decided that an Art Book would be the best place for them. With the Sword and Sorcery genre as my starting point I asked the question, why couldn’t there be plus sized Fantasy heroes? So that is what I hope to show is in this book- cartoon curvy, beautiful, plus size women doing their thing in a Sword and Sorceress style. “When the age of ice came to an end there was a Realm of Warriors, Fairies, Bar Wenches, Sorceresses and Princesses. Come O’ Traveller and join in the Quest to this land of cartoon curvy pinup art…”
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