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Sweet Lullaby #0 | IndyPlanet

Sweet Lullaby #0


A.J. Scherkenbach, Bill Scherkenbach, Alex Diochon, Adrian Nelson, Heather Breckel, Lynell Jones Jr.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What could possibly turn the perfect little girl into the perfect killer? As the premiere assassin for a mysterious organization known as “The Service,” Lullaby sheds lives and blood to create solutions to problems most people don”t even know exist. But, what happens when the temptation of love and life beyond a rifle scope brings her to question her life”s mission of punishing the guilty? Watch the ultimate revenge story unfold as Lullaby loses her innocence and replaces it with a gun in “Sweet Lullaby.” Til Death The Great Depression. Times are hard. Times are even harder for newlyweds Aaron and Emily, an honest couple trying to make an honest living in Chicago. Chicago, however, seems to have other plans as Aaron must resort to shady work under the up and coming mobster Mario ‘Marco Polo” Russi, despite Emily”s protests. Even darker engagements lie beneath the filth of the streets. The Cut-Throat of Chi-Town, a murderer known not only for taking the lives of his victims, but their blood as well, begins to make his mark on the world. Can the young couple”s love endure the strain of poverty, mobsters, and vampires?

Lullaby is sent to Vegas to kill Kevin Dyson, a man that is blackmailing a U.S. Senator. While Aaron and Emily recite their wedding vows in Kansas, the vampire known as ‘The Cut-Throat of Chi-Town’ is on the prowl in Chicago

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