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Super Inc. #2

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 60

Super Inc. Villain’s Edition showcases the antagonists of the Aghoriverse, a creative universe created by Aghori Shaivite. Meet Cap’N Death, Magik Manx, The Aghori, Simon Deathtrap, Mont E. Cartoon, and many other horrid fiends that live their lives proudly as villains. In Super Inc. Villain’s Edition, you’ll find comedy, suspense, horror, drama, and gritty crime. From the whimsical to the grotesque, you’ll find that the Aghoriverse has it all! Super Inc. Villain’s Edition, where villains are victors! Super Inc. Villain’s Edition Volume 2 focuses on the Saints of Death, a death cult/crime syndicate, and Cap’N Death, one of the most horrid and destructive villains of the Aghoriverse. In the four part story of this comic, The Origin of Cap’N Death, you will see how the Cap’N came to be. See how he a disfigured psychopath with a metallic skull, witness his helpless addiction to pharmacy pills, and watch how a psychotic enforcer for a street gang rises to become one of the most feared figures on Capital City’s South Side. If you’re a sick individual, you may laugh a number of times reading this comic, but most likely, you will scream, shout, and cry for mother. Enter Cap’N Death’s world. Hopefully, you’ll make it out alive.



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