Super Gorillas Vs The All-american Victory Legion

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The All-American Victory Legion is a super-group made up of classic Golden Age superheroes, allied and against all threatening menaces in the World War II era.

Alan Kupperberg

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

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MONKEY TRIAL: Mayor LaGuardia is snatched by a motley crew of super gorillas in the middle of Times Square! Who could be behind this nefarious act? Could it be Hitler? The All-American Victory Legion must split up and search the ends of the earth for the answer! TIME OUT OF MIND: When the Victory Legion finds themselves strangers in the Wild West, they struggle to return to where they belong. But how can they do that when they have no memory of their superheroic lives?

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1 review for Super Gorillas Vs The All-american Victory Legion

  1. Evan Quiring (verified owner)

    Two great stories from the late, great Alan Kupperberg (artist on The Invaders, The Defenders, Justice League, Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Blue Devil) all in one double-sized issue. The team is comprised of golden-age public domain comic book characters, including Amazing-Man and Lightning.

    The stories are good fun and reminiscent of early silver age, super-hero team stories – even though the characters are from the golden age but I digress.

    In any case, if you like good, fun super-hero stories, pick this up! I think kids ages 7-10 would probably like this – I know I would have loved this book when I was that age.

    Once again, Charlton Neo/ Comicfix brings the quality with great stories art and all-round great comics. I really like how Mr. Kupperberg handled the characters.

    I think there will be a greater trend in utilizing public-domain characters and Charlton Neo/ Comicfix seems to be heading in the right direction with that. Also, I’d like to mention excellent printing quality on Ka-Blam’s part.

    The only thing I didn’t like was that the stories ended a little too abruptly and I wanted more. Hopefully the editorial will continue what Mr. Kupperberg had started and publish some more All American Victory Legion stories.

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