Sunhawks #1


The Heru academy commanders dispatch the Sun Hawks to rescue the Suntribe children captured by Sand Dwellers. Will the Sun Hawks be able to save the children from the Sand Dwellers and their horrible Desert Scorpions?

McKinley Mitchell Jr

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

New Kemet, is the front line of defense against the invaders from the people of the Ice, Sand and other hostile tribes. Colonizers that would rob the Suntribe of its natural resources. To combat these invaders are the highly trained and uniquely talented Sun Hawks. Comprised mainly of orphans from the big war, that were raised and trained at the Heru Academy, an institution started by elders of New Kemet, to produce great engineers, scientists and defenders of the planet. Nefertiti, is the brave leader. Rameses is the wise and knowledgeable second in command. Khufu, is the spiritual center of the squad. Pepi, is the scientific genius, who can solve almost any equation. Djoser, is the muscle mechanic who pilots the great Solar Hawk space vessel used by the Sun Hawks. Take a journey with the Sun Hawks on their adventures exploring the planet in our solar system.

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