Strange Youth #1


Escape From Show And Tell Day Part One

John LeGate

Manga Type Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

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Another highly competitive Show and Tell day has arrived at PS 246 elementary school, and little Timmy Davidson’s contribution is his alien friend, Ludloo! The joy and excitement of the festivities are interrupted, however, when some of Ludloo’s alien technology ends up stranding the school on another world, and it’s up to boy and alien to brave their new surroundings filled with child warriors, energy dragons, crazy religious cults, and dubiously designed battle robots to get everyone back to Earth in time for recess! A surreal, funny comic adventure for children of all ages, ethnicities, religions and species, Strange Youth is all about the odd events that can, but probably never will, befall today’s fast living, plastic fantastic, “I want it now”, instant oatmeal generation of grade-schoolers, all rendered in a grey-scaly, black and white manga style! What do you seek, weary traveler through the neon-lit, shadowy wasteland of post-modern sequential arts? Stories of high adventure featuring improbable creatures and food courts? Strange Youth! A penetrating document of the trials of finding gainful employment just to the left of the galactic core, somehow involving a giant spider? Again, Strange Youth! An inquiry into the nature of fate and destiny that features a spaceship crew led by a fat cat-person? For the last time, man, Strange Youth!


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