Strange City Heroes #3


Kevin P. Johnson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

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What It's About

This issue contains story arcs #9 – #11 of the Strange City Heroes webcomic, Like Father Like Son, Gleebledeeploo, and Attack Of The 50 Foot Kittie. In the first story Stickboy Jr. at long last finds out who his father is when our heroes try to save the Antelope from a mystery villian. Gleebledeeploo has been uttered by Ultimate Flame-O since we first met him and in this story we find out exactly what that term means. Finally we are introduced to a new Villain named The Black Skull. This is the beginning arc in three part story that will be continued in the next issue. A band of brave heroes led by The Golden Cape vow to protect Strange City and the world beyod from all who would seek to destroy it in the name of evil.
Format Clear
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