Steam Arm Joe #1


Corey Deas

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 44

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What It's About


Wall City Garden is a city built by believers in God but their children stop believing. Now they are adults and their children are infected with strange illness and the water has stop flowing. Joe brings his faith and his belief he is just their to be a witness to miracles performed by the children and direct their growth in God. Steam Arm Joe is a religious comic with action drama and insight. Post apocalyptic world that is trying to turn it self back from the hellish ruin. Time period future far future this just the very last years in biblical terms before the rapture. Man has had its’ fill of war and now peace and the church is becoming the new world power. There is still opposition from those who want to be Gods over men. Joe he just walking the broken world getting people back on track and witnessing miracles.

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