Spirit Legends #2

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Andrew DeCrescenzo, Ian Flynn

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

What It's About

Andrew has just narrowly evaded a grim end by the mysterious horned villain. Lightning strikes! From the settling dust, a new shadowy figure lurks. How will Andrew defend himself against not one, but two seemingly invincible cybernetic beings? And why have these metallic foes appeared? Find out all this and more! The humdrum life of cowardly high school student, Andrew, is quickly thrown into chaos when fate chooses him as successor to one of the mystical talismans from a long forgotten era of history. When new challenges arise that threaten the peace and stability of the world, Andrew must foster abilities he never knew he had in order to save his new friends and loved ones and discover the true meaning of courage.

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1 review for Spirit Legends #2

  1. morticom (verified owner)

    This is the same review as the one for issue #1, because I was reviewing the series in its entirety – The first comic is a fun and quick introduction to a simple, but well executed story involving a young boy who finds himself granted with incredible power! The series accelerates as it goes on, giving the reader quick access to fun fight scenes and character development!

    Simply straight forward, this is a fun series, especially for the low price of $0.00

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