Spiralmind #4


Ben’s Divination

Spiralmind must battle the Nephilim as well as his inner demons while trying to stop the monstrous horde occupying Toby Town as their insatiable appetite encroaches Nineveh. Ben Landry enters the spiralmind against Rabbi Rotblatt’s advice to witness once again his mother’s exorcism on the eve of his Bar Mitvah.

Ben Perez, Matthew Rothblatt

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 56

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What It's About

Can his yearning to reach his monther through his past give him the strenghth he needs to save the city? Find out in this MASSIVE DOUBLE-SIZED issue – SPIRALMIND: BEN’S DIVINATION! In the city of Nineveh the physical property of light is discontinuous and chaotic, where light bounces without purpose as suggested by Quantum theory. A shadowy fog of evil covers the city in a behavior that resembles the slick oil that coats its cobbled streets. Once a thriving metropolis, Nineveh is now but a coven for the Occult. SPIRALMIND is determined to rid his city of its filth and bring it back to what it once was – one Demon, Vampire, Werewolf, and Nephilim at a time!

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