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Spiralmind #2


A secret society conspires in the shadows of Nineveh – within plain sight. While Ben Landry seeks a source of the DNA from the beasts that attacked Rabbi Rotblatt, plans are solidified and otherworldly, apocalyptic orders are made. Ben is given a message from another time while Dante Evans oversees corporal punishment of the infidels within his ranks. What functionality does SPRIALMIND’s suit provide? Why is Nineveh’s Lieutenant Governor Dante Evans holding secret meetings with vampires and werewolves? Who is father Tom O’Brien?

Ben Perez, Matthew Rothblatt

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

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On the eve of his bar-mitzvah, Ben Landry is witness to the demonic possession of his mother as his mentors Rabbi Sol Rotblatt and Father Tom O”Brien attempted the exorcism of three powerful demons. This event forces Ben into a secluded state of consciousness during a meditation of prayer. He inadvertently entered an alternate dimension known as “The Spiralmind” allowing him witness to past, present and future events. Ben confronted the demons upon his return and cast them out, losing his mother in the process. Having already lost his father the day he was born, Ben was now left orphaned. Father Tom O”Brien and Rabbi Sol Rotblatt took it upon themselves to ensure his proper upbringing. Ben obtained a classical education from St. Matthew”s Jesuit Private School of Nineveh where he became fluent in multiple languages, and excelled in math and science under the tutelage of Father Tom. Ben outrivaled his peers in extracurricular activities including boxing, baseball, fencing, and crew. To maintain his psyche, continue his growth, and to preserve his Judaic roots, Rabbi Rotblatt would mentor Ben at Synagogue Nineveh. It is through these teachings that Ben learns the mystic powers behind the Hebraic language. Ben enlisted in the army upon graduation and was placed in a special Delta Force unit due to his extraordinary mental and physical abilities. He served on several covert missions before he was recruited into the CIA”s Special Operation”s Group. After a few ‘high risk” engagements, Ben left the service to pursue an engineering degree. He was quickly picked up by Conrad Industries, the nation”s largest government supplier of state of the art technology and weaponry, bringing him back to Nineveh. Ben quickly realized suspicious activity occurring all around him and his city. A constant rise in crime and violence as well as the number of exorcisms performed by his mentors, forced Ben to take action. He built a suit out of Conrad Industries” strongest amorphous material – utilizing the properties of phi, and integrated several of his ‘experimental” devices, he hit the streets of Nineveh to get some answers. What he found was beyond anything he could have imagined – genetically altered humans taking the form of werewolves, vampires, and zombies; a secret society with apocalyptic plans for the return of the NEPHILIM; and corruption throughout the highest levels of government and religious institutions. The time for SPIRALMIND had arrived! With the help of Rabbi Rotblatt and Father Tom, Ben Landry accepted his duty to become SPIRALMIND and to protect the world from impending doom!



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