Spectrum #1


What if you had to “come out” twice? Richie Sorensen is an average teen just learning about what it means to be gay. Then one night he is enveloped by the Northern Lights and his world begins to change around him– he gains powers of light, making him both a literal and a figurative spectrum– a rainbow of colour and of life.

Michael McAdam, Jeremy Thew

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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What It's About

Richie Sorensen has just attended his very first Gay Youth meeting as he prepares to come out as gay– when he is enveloped by the Northern Lights and develops strange new powers! The government involves itself very quickly and Richie is introduced to a world of super-citizens who are trained to use their powers for the good of society. Meanwhile, his long-time friends know nothing about either his being gay or his new powers! His life is moving forward without him, dragging him in its wake! How”s a guy supposed to cope?

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