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Space Wars #2

Trapped on the moon with Nazis, aliens, and Fawn, Skymanis cornered in underground tunnels by giant moon rats! Meanwhile, Hitler plans to take over a colony of Martian exiles! And if that’s not bad enough, America has just launched a rocket hurtling to the moon to test atomic bombs!

Ogden Whitney, Mort Todd

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

THERE was a veritable Golden Age of superheroes before World War II and one of the greatest was The SKYMAN! After battling criminals, Nazis, mad scientists and monsters, the Aerial Avenger went on his most exciting mission ever… into outer space! Soon after his service in the Pacific after World War II, artist OGDEN WHITNEY returned to his character Skyman and created an incredible science fiction epic, catapulting his hero into the cosmos, facing alien adversaries and finding the most fiendish villain of all hiding on the moon… HITLER! Skyman”s interplanetary odyssey ran in 27 issues of BIG SHOT comics from August, 1946 to October, 1948. Now, after 70 years, this Golden Age classic is collected for the first time! The serial is spread over 5 issues, each with a new cover by MORT TODD, inspired by Ogden Whitney and the sci-fi pulp magazines of the era. (Mort Todd wrote The Return of the Skyman, drawn by STEVE DITKO.)



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