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Soul Weavers #3

Both Princess Arianna and Dakota have a separate path they need to follow. Princess Arianna will one day be Queen of the floating city and Dakota will learn to master his powers. Even throw they are miles apart from one another, their subconscious minds can travel to each other and they can both share experience with each other as well as knowledge and skills the other one just learned. In their dream time, they both share a horrifying vision of what will and could come to pass and it fighting the both of them to their core as a history of Princess Arianna’s family secrets come to light and she horrified to find out what she just learned.

Larry N Young, Heidi L Young, Jacob Eguren Sotelo, Mauricio Montes

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32

“Soul Weavers” is a series of books set on a perfect Earth-like world. The world is going through a golden age of science and magic. There is a legend that tells of two unlikely heroes who are both linked together by magic and fate, to save their world from an evil warlord and his dark forces that threaten to tear their world apart.



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