So Super Duper: The Complete Collection


Brian Andersen, Celina Hernandez

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 326


What It's About

“So Super Duper” is a funny, heartfelt, colorful superhero story that anyone can enjoy – it's geared toward teens and adults, gay or straight. The star of the series is a little gay empathic hero (he can read emotions) named Psyche who doesn't quite know he';s gay yet – even though it';s painfully obvious to everyone around him. Psyche slowly comes to discover and accept who he is and in so doing becomes more powerful, both as a superhero and an out, gay man. “So Super Duper” isn't a parody or high camp, it's a fun story filled with romance, action, death, retribution and self-discovery, all tied together in a colorful, accessible package that delights and tickles. (Is “delights” and “tickles” taking it too far?)
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