So Super Duper #05


Brian Andersen

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What It's About

“So Super Duper” is a cute story about a character named Psyche, a new-ish Super Hero who isn’t quite as super as everyone else on his team. Psyche slowly discovers that his lack of superhero-ness may not be the only thing that is different about him. This is a tale about an everyman character who doesn’t know who he is just yet, even though everyone else around him knows that he is totally gay.

Before our little hero Psyche can enjoy the fact that he isn”t in fact fired from the Amazin”Naughts team, he, and his superhero buddy Comet, suddenly find themselves under attack the time displaced Ultra Woman! After punching Comet”s across town Psyche finds himself alone against the powerful Ultra Woman. Is this the end of the empathic Psyche?

Format Clear
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