Snake Claws #3


The Ninjas Of The Shroud

News of the destruction of the Forbidden Manual has spread like wildfire. A heavy bounty has been put on his head and Snake Claws is on the run. Defiant as ever, he seeks out an old friend – Skipper, who just might be able to help. Little does he know that he is heading right into a trap.

Edison Neo

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

The Snake Claws Series can be best described as– If the Shaw Brothers kungfu movies were a saturday morning cartoon. The series is filled with fun action, wacky move names and a dash of good old kungfu movie cheese, and follows the story of a villainous martial artist who is dealing with an internal battle between guilt and power. Each book, though part of a larger sequential story, is a self contained story with its own beginning and ending with its own cast of characters.

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