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Shock And Awe #2

A demonic anarchist serial killer known only as Noire has broken into a prison for the sole purpose of gathering information on his 2 ultimate targets. The man who has the information is a Miran capable of auditory mind control and has an assassin after his life. The only thing that matters to Noire is the answers he seeks. He will deal with any resistance to him or his goal mercilessly.

Logan McKenzie

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

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After robbing the mob of half a million dollars, a hit is put out on the self-proclaimed “master thief” Jordan Weaver. Jane Nickels, the woman who failed to stop him, has 1 week to get the money back before she too is killed. These 2 individuals must work together and go on different heists, adventures, and schemes to save Jane’s life and to get the mob off Jordan’s back. To take out the mob from the inside. In the meantime, a deranged anarchist serial killer is sowing chaos in the city. His goal: to rid the world of all corruptible life with a modified planet-busting WMD called the Absolute Peacemaker. The division of the FBI that specializes in supernatural cases is on task to stop him. But can they do it?



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