Shaka Son Of Man #1


Pharaoh is closer than ever to reaching his goal and summoning a primeval power, to do this he has to locate an ancient relic known as the “Horus Key” and its creator the “Alchemist”! The Alchemist has been held hostage by the Archons for thousands of years until today! Shaka is the Crown Prince of the Dark Order, he is the most wanted assassin on the planet, and he is now pursuing the plan of his father by going to Ethiopia to hunt for the Horus Key.

OzRa Dunlap, Wayne Hickson, Luke Coolbear

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

At the dawn of the new millennium, an evil power is about to resurrect its grip on the world. The first war of good and evil was in the heavens, but the battle of Armageddon will be on Earth. The noble efforts of a few have been working to save the world from an evil secret terrorist organization known as “The Dark Order”! The Dark Order is an ancient secret society, with roots that trace back to the original fallen angels. The Dark Order leader is “Pharaoh,” a cursed sorcerer who is on the verge of harnessing an ancient evil power. He has spent millenniums trying to discover the secret technology of the “Archons,” and find the descendants of the “Nephilim” The resistance to the Dark Order is a small secret band of mystical warriors, healers, prophets, and sages, around the world; who has continuously fought for the salvation and future of humanity.

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