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Shadow's Daughter #1

With the rising of the demon moon, Summer heads out into the city in the hope of bringing in parole violators and snagging some much-needed cash. Before she can catch anyone, she is met by Trent Hamlin, a Special Agent with the FPBI who insists he has a job she cannot refuse.

Morgan Quaid

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 56

Summer is recruited to apprehend a mysterious figure who is yet to commit a crime; a figure recognizable only by the strange tattoo on his shoulder. Sumer has no name or other details to go on, but the job pays three times her normal rate, so she gets to work.

Summer Rain, a bounty hunter and Shadowmancer for the Bureau of Preternatural Investigation, is sent to apprehend an unknown visitor who bears all the marks of a purebred being from another world.

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