Seedseekers #1


Martha Schwartz,Betsy Luntao

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

What It's About

Long ago in a very different world stood a kingdom that was great and lived in harmony. It was run by a great king who was kind and surrounded the people of that world with love and kindness, to protect them. Many loved his ideas and devoted to serve him until one faithful day. Serving too many years with the king, the greater wizard, who was his deciple, decided to challenge the great king for his powers and a battle between the two ensued. When it was over, the world soon crumbled and with the king gone, the steady older wizard, Epoche made a heartfelt decision to save their world. It may of been a huge mistake and years later, with the help of a trio of warriors, they soon discover their fate!

Three young warriors are set out to find out why their world is dying so they find an elder wizard to help them with their quest

Format Clear
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