Secretary Prime Vol. 3


Zachary Braun

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 222

Format Clear
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In this volume, SV returns to the institution known as “the college” in order to demonstrate the power of what he’s learned through his terrible malady. He has become obsessed with certainty, with no one able to reach him–they are all cut down by the “displaced realization of defeat”, Malice. NT, his brother, is nowhere to be found. The jerboa, who still maintains a bond with SV, feels that this exodus into madness is her fault. If it is now her responsibility to end SV, will she be able to do it? Or will she become prey to that very responsibility, which SV throws like the shadow of the moon? In the midst of battle, it will not be her words, but her Art which still has something to say.

Deep in the uncivilized world, before history… Animals were nothing but animals. Abandoned in these dark woods, an ape-man seeks to defend himself from this primeval force, armed with the philosophical teachings of his former caretakers. Now, realizing the power of society, the animals band together and develop a potent culture around the scaffolding of civilization, the dread force Art. What is it? And where will it take them? A short time after this, a young rodent seeks to become a keystone of this civilization, where he can develop a fantastic Art and become a legend. But the subject of his choosing is not as easy to apprehend as he thinks. Secretary Prime is the story of his hunt.

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