Razor Kid #2


Marcus Almand, Andrew Hou, Anthony Southerland, Juan Castro

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 40

What It's About

Alex meets up with his best friend, Nikki Lastovitch and her new acquaintance, Brian Osley. Things soon take a turn for the strange, however, as something is clearly wrong in the Osley household. Later, Alex finds himself testing out his new C.A.P.E. license when a visit to the scene of his old trauma triggers a battle to the death! An accidental witness to the machinations of the world’s oldest conspiracy, boy genius Alex Tanaka learned the hard way that some things are not meant to be discovered. Armed with a pair of cybernetic arms, Alex must tread carefully in a world full of paranormal beings and murky allegiances as the Razor Kid.
Format Clear
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