Razor Kid #1


Marcus Almand, Melvin S. Calingo, Jeffrey Cruz

Standard Comic
24 pages
Full Color


What It's About

Alex Tanaka faces the first test of his new vocation: the dreaded C.A.P.E. exam. Against an opponent who seems invulnerable to his every assault, will Alex’;s career in freelance law enforcement end before it begins? Also, learn what manner of creature could peel a boy’;s arms off in an instant, and what horrifying secret drives Alex Tanaka’;s ambition. An accidental witness to the machinations of the world’;s oldest conspiracy, boy genius Alexander Tanaka learned the hard way that some things are not meant to be discovered. Armed with a pair of detachable cybernetic arms, Alexander must tread carefully in a world full of paranormal beings and murky allegiances as the mechanical marvel, the Razor Kid.
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