Rainbow In The Dark #2


Comfort Love, Adam Withers

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

Format Clear



Donna White has awoken into a completely new world. The wild rebel band that freed her from the Gloom have brought her into their camp where she is learning that everything she thought was important just doesn t matter. But the dark forces of the Gloom want them all back inside, and are willing to kill to make it happen. Can Donna and Raina save the camp from the coming assault? A sunrise, a funeral, a keytar, and revelations in Rainbow in the Dark s second explosive issue

Rainbow in the Dark is a fairy tale about real things. It”s true, even if none of it ever happened or ever will. It”s the story of a girl who always felt like she didn”t fit in her world who finds out she was right – and that she was never supposed to fit in at all.

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