Quarkworld Ferret Cartoons Deez Ferts


Join the cheeky Quarkworld ferrets: Hobbes, Shelby, Noodle Boy, and Maxx as they have their fun, yet absurd, adventures with their pet friends around them. One needs not to have ferrets to enjoy the antics! A feel-good purchase where portions of proceeds actually help support animal-related endeavors.


Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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What It's About

“Deez Ferts” contains fan-favorite pages from the multiple decades of online Quarkworld/Quarks Ferret Cartoons, new material, and a teaser for an upcoming book. Does contain mild adult language, innuendos, situations, and humor. Included in the book is a “Temporal Paradox” with two “wormholes,” that when properly used does indeed damage property and creates a causal loop!

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