Public Domain Fanzine #3


A magazine dedicated to the new indie publishers using public domain characters in their original titles.

Christopher Watts, Joshua 1:9 Holley, Brian Wingrove, Electro Belton, Gus Kubicek, Eddie Morgan, Lance “Doc” Boucher, Joseph Simon, Jason Greenfield, Sebastien Gallois, Don Richards, Jeff Deischer

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

Featuring: A special preview of Buzz Crandall: space Patrol from Joshua 1:9 Holley, Brian Wingrove’s “The Mighty Mighties” from the new series by Golden Kids and Electro Belton’s Lash Lightning and Lightning Woman. Plus: Re-designs by Gus Kubicek, Eddie Morgan and Lance “Doc” Boucher. An interview with Modern Testament creator Frank Martin by Joeseph Simon. a first look at Earth-F from creator Jason Greenfield, a special trying card page and A super-hero aptitude test courtesy of The Skull. Plus: Special prose section featuring: A poem by Sebastien Gallois , The Avenger in revenge of the metal menace By Don Richards and the third part of Jeff Deischer’s American Crusader: Men of Peace.

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