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Public Domain Fanzine #1

A Fanzine spotlighting the new Indie publishers using Golden Age Public Domain Super-heroes in their work. Featuring special previews of new series from multiple publishers, comics, art and prose stories.

Chris Watts, Cuong Ngyen, Vance Capley, Dan Johnson, Joshua Holley, Michael Norwitz, Alejandro Alvarez, Electro Belton, Dave Windett

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

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Featuring special previews of Visual Comics’ Captain Z-ro, Goldenkids’ The Flame #0, Three Sisters from the anthology Rock isn’t Dead, Lil’ Terror, and Lash Lightning! Articles and reviews from Lucky Comics, stories featuring The Liberty Ladies and The American Crusader. A special look at 2 characters named Zigomar, prominent Super-Heroes turn 80 and more! Featuring the work of: Cuong Nguyen, Brad Beason,Rik Offenberger, Vance Capley, Joeseph Simon, Roy Johnson, Barry Gregory, Michael Waggoner, John Helmer, Christopher Mills, Dan Wilson, Michael Norvitz, Alejandro Alvarez, Elis villanueva, Jay Piscopo, Andrea Blanco, Alex Andersson, Electro Belton, Dave Windett, Jeff Deischer, Richard Ashcraft, Adam Garland and all other contributors.




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