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Poverty Pack Vol. 1


Ted Shambaris, Derek Lipscomb, Andrew Carr

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 108

What It's About

When the loved neighborhood figurehead, known as Chip Brown, famous Golden Megalopolis baker, is murdered, the city’s heroes being their individual investigations. Little do they know that their clue-finding mission will cross paths with each other! Soon, a plot to destroy Golden Megalopolis is revealed and this unlikely band of heroes must work together to save the city! Part murder mystery, part humor, part action, part parody, Poverty Pack Volume 1: Kneading Dough is all ridiculousness! This trade paperback not only features the original story contained in the first four issues of Poverty Pack, but lots of extras, such as “deleted scenes,” a forward and afterword by the creators, and a cover gallery. Also, this is the debut of our newest artist, Andrew Carr, in some of the extras as well! Black Pigeon, Brown Wristband, Superfluous Sleuth, B.E.E.B.L.E.S., Whistleman, Street Sweepah, and Super Fabulous Frog are the “defenders” of Golden Megalopolis! So what happens when these B-List superheroes get together to form a super crime fighting team without anyone to help fund their crime fighting careers? They end up in the unemployment line and have to get jobs! Together, the Poverty Pack will undoubtedly stop evil in their tracks, or at least earn enough cash for taco Tuesday!
Format Clear
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