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Playin' Possum #3

Possum is his codename. When someone like the government or the mob has a job they can’t do themselves they call Possum. Some say he’s a self-centered bastard. Some say he’s a badass. Some say he’s just greedy. It’s all good. Hire Possum and you can be sure that the job will get done because “good ol‘ Possum always gets paid!

Molly Whipple, Jerrie Lee, Pablo Sanchez

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Possum continues his assignment involving three intriguing masked women: Sleeker, Masked Americana and Chickfighter. Chickfighter and Possum share a wild night before Chicky battles in the finals of Sleeker’s “Killer Kumite.” Will Possum get him some Chicky? Can Chicky hope to win a two against one match? Will Sleeker return Ms. Truesdale? Is Chicky screwed no matter what? And what about that stolen flash drive? Who’s playing who?



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