Pale Dark Vol 1


Subject K

Chuck Amadori

Standard Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 140

What It's About

Collected edition. Pale Dark: Issues 1-5. Follow Subject K as he is tortured and experimented on by the mysterious Pale Man. Issue 1 – Subject K meets the Pale Man. Detained and tortured for reasons unknown. He meets his cell mates, both men driven crazy by years of torture. Issue 2 – Subject K gets help from a surprising source. Issue 3 – Escaped and on the run, Subject K and Spez make contact with the Resistance as the Pale Man's army of goons pursues. Issue 4 – Subject K learns more about the Resistance. While attempting to return home, he is met by an unfriendly guest. Issue 5 – The Resistance learns how screwed they really are, while Subject K has his reality shattered by the Pale Man himself.

Pale Dark features the adventures of Subject K as he battles the mysterious Pale Man. Tortured and experimented on, he becomes a key player in the fight for freedom from the Pale Man's oppression.

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