Once Upon A 2008


Douglas Brown

Standard Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 184

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“Once Upon A 2008” is a wild satire loosely based on the historic presidential election of 2008, told in an alternate universe where America is a kingdom, wizards exist alongside the internet, and John McCain is a one eyed Kung-Fu master.This story follows the travails of Hildegard and Maboa as they battle for the right to represent the House of Delano.

When King George II suddenly dies without an heir, the two houses that comprise his court, the House of Reagan (R), and the House of Delano (D) threaten to reopen old wounds in a bloody civil war. At the last minute, the heads of both Houses come to an agreement; a tournament will be held between the champions of the each House to determine their new King. Within the House of Reagan, Cain of Arizona rises victorious. Within the House of Delano, the head wizard creates a series of simple contests throughout the land to find the strongest, bravest, and wisest amongst the competitors in a more civilized manner. What results is anything but simple or civil when the field is narrowed to the final two contestants. Should it be Hildegard, the wife of King William? Or Maboa, a mysterious stranger with a golden tongue?

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