Oh Rats!!


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BR-4 Oh Rats!! is a fantasy adventure for AD&D 1st or 2nd edition, players levels 5-8.

The players must head into the middle of a swamp into a mysterious city to save the ship captains daughter if they want to leave the island. Inside the city is a new race of creatures, they have never seen before. New monsters, new skills, new spells, combat skills, hidden tunnels, assassins in the shadows, traps, mutants, new magic items, rules on playing your own Vermin PC and even a new artifact are all included in this action packed campaign module. This original module was run at the NTRPGCon in 2013. It includes a 1 time module that will easily fit into any campaign setting, and also includes the outline for a DM to easily expand the city to make it a whole campaign on its own. This is an AD&D adventure Module for a series called Black Ridge Island. Look for other Black Ridge modules soon.

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