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After the SS Program was infiltrated by a criminal organization, a secret team was dispatched to intercept the assassination attempts on the remaining Soldiers in the general population. With the rescue team trying to collect the remaining soldiers. This Dispatch team was able to get to some of the remaining agents to jumpstart them. Soldier 19, Odina Troussand, was still active in the general population.

Onaji Rouse

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

What It's About

Even though the “trips” that were planted on her memory did not take effect, Odina melted in everyday life trying to lead a normal daily life. Not wanting to take parts in the hero life anymore, Odina kept a low profile on her abilities while trying to blend in with society. Still haunted by the demons from her past, she tries to find a way to avoid the life of a superhero in order to look for normalcy. However, as we all learn, normalcy is never an option when you have a true calling.

Soldier Sequence Program is a government funded top-secret organization that specializes in the development of special individuals with unique abilities. The program was Launched to train these soldiers in the combat of terrorism, espionage, and other dangers. The SS Program designates each soldier with a number as their identity, and each possesses a unique ability that sets them apart from the other soldiers. When soldiers decide or involuntarily want to leave the program, they are given “trips”. Trips are the mental blocks that are programmed in the soldier when he or she decides to go back to general population. The trips are designed to not only keep the organization top secret but also to allow the soldier to regain normality in their life. The SS Program believes that each soldier should be able to lead a normal life without the responsibility of his or her powers. Due to recent events, however, the SS program was infiltrated and their system hacked by an unknown group. This unknown group gained information on the company and knowledge of the soldiers active and deactivated. With soldiers that are in “Sleep” mode, this makes them a sitting target for being eliminated.

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