Night Wolf #2


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Rodney Marcelli, still haunted by nightmarish visions, has a growing concern that something terrible is about to happen in his sleepy little town. On the night of his 18th birthday Rod and his girlfriend, Jennifer Conway, are attending their high school Homecoming Dance. There Jennifer is crowned Homecoming Queen and Rod, her King. Their celebration dance is cut short by the twin witches, Janelle and Circe, who crash the party unleashing monsters upon the unsuspecting student body and faculty. Rod and Jen barely make their escape only to be confronted outside of the school by the bloodthirsty Black Claw. During the conflict, Rod’s lycanthropy is triggered releasing a mysterious kinetic shockwave, which is felt by all for miles around. After the kinetic energy subsides Black Claw and Jen are stunned by the sight of Rod’s new werewolf form.

Robert A. Multari, Bokuman Studio

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Since the beginning of creation, the Natural Plain of Existence has been a breeding ground for beings of light and darkness from the Celestial Plains of Existence. Beyond what mankind knows, or what they think they know, this world is shared by the natural and the supernatural offspring of these “Celestial” beings. Due to mankind”s inability to comprehend the dealings of more powerful beings, these hidden races and creatures have merely fallen into legend yet they continue to walk among the human race veiled from plain sight. The marvels of pure light and trepidation of true darkness are more than the average human mind can bear… As old as the point of creation is, the struggle between the agents of light battling against the forces of darkness. In these modern times when the morality line between good and evil has been blurred, behind the scenes a never-ending ancient war continues to rage on threatening all inhabitants of the Natural Plain of Existence. Among the unseen are the Lycanthropes, a race of magical creatures more commonly known as werewolves, whom have been around since before written history. They live in packs hidden all over the world, each with a unique breed and culture. These Lycanthropes worship nature and their pagan deities. There is however an outcast monotheistic breed, known as the Monoki. The Monoki themselves are divided into two distinct groups. There are the benevolent Purebreds, white pelted Lycanthropes who serve God”s will. And there are the malevolent Mongrels, whose hearts are as black as their pelts. They obey Lucifer”s diabolical bidding. This story begins with Rodney Marcelli, a high school senior from a wealthy family, whose eyes are for the first time opened to the full wonders and horrors of the world. Living the teenage dream Rod had everything – popularity, a beautiful girlfriend, and a full-ride football scholarship to the college of his choice. But on the night of his 18th birthday Rod loses everything and everyone he cares about as his old life is ripped away from him forever. Rod now a victim of fate discovers that he was born a Monoki, and is reluctantly thrown into the ancient war threatening to consume the world. Unlike the other members of his breed Rod displays traits that are not entirely Purebred nor entirely Mongrel, but something else altogether… With the help of Snow Paw the Pureblood Monoki and the Supernatural Evil Slayer Night Hunter, Rod must learn to master his newly found lycanthropy and mysterious kinetic energy power that only he possesses. All while struggling to keep his soul from the conflict within, Rod must fight against the Dark Covenant, an evil army of supernaturals in order to avenge the deaths of his friends and family, and save the girl he loves from the master vampire, Lord Malice. Rodney Marcelli is Night Wolf!

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