Nap Boy #2


People will goto extreme lengths for money, especially money for addictions. Callum is no exception. However, he gets more then he bargains for when he signs up for a drug trial. Callum is a perennial screw up, but when unexpected side effects from his medication give him extraordinary powers, he will have to rise to the occasion and be a hero.

Hargis Bullen, Dominic Sparano,Patrick J Reilly

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

What It's About

In debt to his drug dealer, Callum signs up for experimental drug testing, which has the side effect of physically changing him whenever he goes to sleep. His cousin Joanna is shocked to when Callum’s latest transformation turns him into a human-lizard hybrid, but she still promises to help him get through it. She even designs some super-hero costumes and suggests the name Nap-Boy for him. Callum’s drug dealer Jamie isn’t so supportive; he convinces Callum to break into the lab to steal the drug so they can sell it. As with most things in Callum’s life, the break-in doesn’t go as planned.

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