My Sweet Indulgence #1


Rejena Smiley

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

What It's About

Teri’s life suddenly 180’s after she gets a letter from her 10-year crush-turned-model, Toran Tashube. But life just doesn’t seem to go as planned when she discovers that his mode of “change” isn’t what she had expected!

Teri Tenki was just your average overly-zealous, overtly critical, perfection-seeking beauty school student who isn’t at all ashamed to tell anyone of their hideousness in public. Her sister, Kichan, has become increasingly angry with her older sister’s superficial behavior. Kichan’s boyfriend, Kuro, is caught between helping his new friend, Daniel, lucking out on a date with Teri, and simultaneously trying to ease the tension between the two siblings before they destroy their very relationship. What’s a girl to do when just being yourself upsets so many others?

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