Mr. Jigsaw #08

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Ron Fortier, Gary Kato

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Part super hero tale, part slice of life, Mr. Jigsaw follows the life and adventures of Charlie Grant who can detach parts of his body and control them independently- which leads to some wild adventures for Portland, Maine's first super hero.

Charlie Grant, AKA Mr. Jigsaw, in a serious turn for the Mr. Jigsaw series “Death of a Hero.” The story begins with Charlie and his band of heroes saves Mr. Newcomb's shoe store, but quickly segues to a mysterious figure who is following Mr. Jigsaw around Portland…

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1 review for Mr. Jigsaw #08

  1. susu (verified owner)

    Loving this title so far. The pages in the digital download of this issue is out of order though. It made the story pretty confusing, until I figured out what had happened.

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