Mighty Monsters #1


Roy Duncan, Jr.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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In the classic tradition of Looney Tunes pop star parodies, the Mighty Monsters eagerly await–well, Gorilla Girl does, anyway–a Justin Beaver concert! As Bandage Boy and Squid Kid ditch her to go grab a soda, Gorilla Girl makes her way backstage. But instead of the object of her teen pop star crush, she stumbles across punk star Mary Ann Mason, and together they discover someone has murdered Justin Beaver!! Join us for a good old fashioned Saturday Morning murder mystery in the tradition of Scooby Doo and adventure cartoons of yore! Saturday Morning is back…with a vengeance!

Remember those glorious Saturday Mornings of the 60s and 70s yesteryear? Once upon a time, Saturday Morning began at 6 am and we’d grab our bowls of breakfast cereal and watch adventure after daring adventure until noon, when our parents or grandparents chased us outside to play! Roy Duncan Jr. takes us back to those days of joyful innocence and fun with Saturday Morning Comics! A graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Roy shines in the spotlight with a host of stories for a new generation, with a modern pop culture twist!

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