Midnight Angel Afterfall


After centuries of protecting mortals souls, an angel learns first hand what it’s like to live a human life, and all the experience it brings. Only to fight for his true destiny, and the family it will create. One that will change the outcome of all humankind.

Geo W. Brawn IV

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 166

Breaking his bond to the celestial world, Marekiel saves a human life and in turn becomes human himself. Living as a human is harder than it looks, and the feelings and emotions that come with it lead to love loss and a whole world of dangers, once the first Nephilim born in centuries comes to light. This giant among mortals will one day rule, but under whose teaching, for good or evil becomes a race against time for this one time angel and the love of his new life. Enter the dark world of angels and demons. Enter this angel’s afterfall.

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